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Fort Chaffee RV Park
Arkansas 72287
Dec 26/27-2012
(Updated: December 29, 2012)
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There are a few things that need to be changed on the website. 1st the main gate was closed, had to use the road just before you come to the main gate. Don't know why. We did not have a reservation and billeting was closed but the gate guard knew who to contact which was the Mil police. That building was just across the intersection. I filled out the paperwork, got the key to turn on the water,and the guard escorted us to our spot. He said we were lucky as there was a spot left. However when we got to the CG there were only 4 campers there, so I'm not sure how that works. The CG has water, electric and SEWER, but no bath house. Northern Ar had a big snowstorm come through the day before we got there and there was snow on the ground and 20 degrees outside. The water was frozen. You can't stop Mother nature. We got 12 channels on the TV, and just settled in for the night. For $8.50 a night you can't beat it. They are planning on building a bath house. We will be back.
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