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California 46122
Jan 2007
(Updated: February 12, 2007)
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Directions to the base have changed. It appears the old gate was on Condor Road. That gate still exists, but now has limited hours. Main gate is now on Adobe Road, however, current mapping software shows Adobe Road as ending. What changed is the extension of Adobe Road north across what used to be two runways. The runways have been removed and Adobe now connects with Del Valle Drive. The new main gate is directly west of the FamCamp and you can easily see the FamCamp on your right as you are driving north through the gate. There are no barricades through the main gate, but there are some reasonably nasty speed bumps, so go slow. DO NOT drive to the Bldg 690 parking lot as there is no exit and no turn around. We parked in the commissary parking lot and walked to 690. Many roads on 29 palms are narrow and rough, so don't stray when towing your rig. Even the entrance to the commissary is narrow. Amenities -- No bathhouse at the FamCamp. Laundry facility (not free) is available at Rourke and 4th, a distance of 2.5 miles. The laundry facility can be crowded, but is a short distance from the bx, so you have a place to kill time. Wifi is non-existent anywhere on base, but is available in town at McDonald's. You can sign up for computer time at the library, but only for a short period (1/2 hr when I tried, so not worth it). The library computers often have a line-up of AD Marines, so I was happy to let them have it.Things to do -- Not much. Joshua Tree NP is 5 miles away. We spent 2 days sightseeing and hiking around the park. George Patton Museum is on the southern-central end of the park at I-10 exit 170. The base does have a golf course. There is more to do at Palm Springs, but it is about an hour and twenty minute drive.The FamCamp, as well as the base, is adequate, but not impressive.
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