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June 6, 2016
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I live within 20 minutes of this facility and use the RV Lot quite often. Here's some information you should know. 1.) No Diesel Gas is available on this base. The Seabee Base in Port Hueneme does have diesel. The "Excuse" I was given by the NEX people was that "Because they didn't sell much Diesel Gas at the Seabee Base (Over 20 minutes away) they didn't feel that the gas station at Point Mugu merited one when they upgraded and installed new pumps. Yes, they are idiots. 2.) The Beach Motel is right next to the RV Lot and was recently upgraded. Unfortunately, neither the Motel or the RV Lot offer Free Basic Cable TV any more. (It's about the money folks) 3.) The 30 amp RV spots are the best spots IMO. I can use up to 50 amp and always ask for the 30 amp. 4.) Free Coffee in the Motel Lounge. Always Fresh. If you're early enough, free local Newspaper too. 5.) The Bathroom Facilities were gutted and remodeled and are very nice. 6.) If you are staying during the Week Days, BEWARE. There's and Aircraft Engine test facility right next to the lot and they can get noisy sometimes when running up one of the Turboprop engines during testing. 7.) The Beach is the BEST beach in the county. It faces South, not West like all of the others, so if a breeze kicks up, it's not in your face. Also, the surfers beach down the road is one of the most sought after Surfing beaches in So. Cal. So if you surf, bring your board, you won't be disappointed. 8.) The staff at the Motel are very helpful. If you have any issues with noise, yappy dogs etc. Let them know and they will fix the problem. There's also a Camp Host who is responsible for making sure folks keep it tame. 9.) There is a Navy Gateway Inns & Suites on base and it's in the middle of the barracks area and closer to the mini-mart (Sorry, Commissary and Main Exchange is at the Seabee Base). 10.) The theatre on base offers FREE movies each night to Active, Retired, Reserve, and DOD Civilians. 11.) The Las Posas Gate (Off Pacific Coast Highway) is the only gate open 24/7. I hope this helps.
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April 27, 2017
Here's an Update. The whole place other than the Motel "Was" going to be shut down for awhile as all of the spaces were going to be redone and more added. This was last October 2016. As it stands now the only facility upgraded is the beach motel. Plans are still in the works for the RV Park makeover but no one knows when. I meant to add this tidbit before: The beach is safe but no life guards. If you are a kayaker "DO NOT" go past the rocks at either end of the beach, especially the East end. Very strong currents out there and I have witnessed 3 different times where people got stuck and had to land on the beach that's not open to the public and be picked up and helped by the local police and Security. All Security and the Fire Department can do is stand there and watch you helplessly. Yoy would think they would have a container with a special rescue craft i.e. Zodiac for those situations but noooooo. I was in the Motel lobby one time when Security came in asking if the staff knew anyone with a Kayak because someone had ventured beyond the rocks. You will not see any signs posted warning you nor will the staff tell you this. There is one sign way down at the end of the Beach Raod that warns people there but no safety information posted or mentioned in the RV area. The beach itself is very safe as long as you don't go past the rocks on either the East or West end of the beach. If you do and get in trouble, no one will rescue you.
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