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Florida 288480
Jan 2008
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Nice location; interesting watching the ships go in and out and the firefighting school next door was really fun. We found staff and (especially) volunteers helpful. Constant (and I mean constant) threats of being thrown out of CG for any and all "offenses" REALLY got on my nerves - felt like I had to be looking over my shoulder the whole time. The posted in writing threat from the manager to bar you from not just this CG, but ALL military Famcamps if you transgress got my attention - I thought it was kind of funny, actually. Other (apparently long term) campers (not staff or volunteers) see themselves as CG Police and won't hesitate to tell you what to do - like the fella who supervised me doing laundry, telling me what I could and couldn't put in the dryer (incorrectly as it turns out.) Or the lady who reported my wife because she was sitting outside with our 14 lb dog in her lap without a leash. Your dogs are NOT welcome here - they're allowed, but they certainly aren't welcome, if you see what I mean. As one staff member put it "the manager is anal about dogs." We probably won't go back here - don't have any problem with rules and regulations but this place really gets carried away.
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