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Florida 288770
Mar.25-28, 2011
(Updated: March 29, 2011)
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I gave the Rv park ground short notice for a reservation, and they were able to provide me with a spot, and i thanked them. I did ask if i would have a view of the river,and her response was yes. The day i arrived to check in ,i was greeted by a lady named Jean,and assigned a spot. I was not given a welcome aboard package,or told anything about the area.I had to ask for everything,my package,information about the area. She seemed like she wanted to be some place else. I went to my assigned spot,and what was i greeted by, two ball parks, I had to back into my spot,which is fine. I was assisted by the host named Ed(nice guy). The sewer connection was located about 20' from my rig and ran up hill. Needless to say,it was unusable,but i was charged for it!!!! The problem with this park is,if you are not assigned to the front row or close by,you have no view. In order to get those spots,you have to be in the click,like most military rv parks are. Do not expect anything from this place,if you are not in the know(click).I will say Ed and Woody were very helpful,in answering my question,about the area. However Jean, all she wanted to do was sell her little,worthless,junk,on Saturday mornings at the parks little get together. Must be some kind of get together for the click at the park. By the way,i left a day early,and on the way out i used the common dump station. W.Ray Wyatt USN Retired STSCS(SS)
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