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Florida 98342
Sept 2010 - Feb 2011
(Updated: April 03, 2011)
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we were at this park for six months and it was pretty good at first. the camphost was really good and the maintenance man keith and his wife were great. however they have now raised the monthly rate to $524.00 a month. this park is not worth the $90.00 extra dollars a month. you pay the same amount as pelican roast campground. at least they have a view of the water and ships. after we were their a couple months we noticed they have homesteading going on. then they changed camp hosts a couple times. and the ones we had when we were there need to get a better attitude. they were very clickey and i had impression they thought they were better than everyone else. we had a few get togethers at the new club house but they only invited certain people. ones with kids were excluded. never did find out the name of new hosts they never really introduced themselves to anyone. so overall this campground is nice but not nice enough for the new price. their are cheaper ones out there that are nicer. if the price would not have gone up that much we would probably go back but as it stands we wont. so if you don't mind clicks and cold shoulders this is a very nice campground.
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