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Florida 101195
1 Mar - 3 May 2011
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This was our third and last visit here, unless there is a big change in attitude of management. We tried to get a reservation beginning in mid-February thru the first of May. When we applied we were told they were full until the first of March. When we arrived on the first of March we found that was not really the case. We found that there was always three to five empty sites all winter. Pet rules appear to be for only those who will obey them, as is the case with a lotof rules. A 30 day min stay is hogwash. While there we saw one two week stay, one three week atay and one three day stay. During this time there was open sites at Pelican Roost. I guess it depends on Who you know. Homesteading is still going on and yes they still give "Trailer Park Trash" a good name. The new rates are high, too high for what was promised and not delivered. Yes the new club house and facilities are nice. I also didn't like the attitude that "MWR programs are for Active Duty only, not retired." If you look closely, most RV parks are supported by the retired community. This park has raised rates three times in the last three years, the last time three dollars a day. When was the last time we in the retired community received a raise? Military RV Parks are not meant to be a base's "Cash Cow."
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