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Florida 288788
March 2014
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Needing new management. This place has gone down hill in a hurry since new management took over. Stayed there for two weeks March of 2014. Had a very unruly homeless Vet stay next door at the tent facility who fought on two evenings with his sponsor who lived in town. This homeless Vet slept in his car and when it was cold he slept in the laundry room. Had a dependent take his dog during lunch hour, without a leash poop in full view of all the parked RV's and never picked up the dog's poop. A filthy place to stay as this person took his dog in a park area where all the campers sat and watched the scenery of ships going by. Appears this dependent has done this on numerous occasions since he cussed like a drunken sailor when approached to take care of his dog's poop. Pelican Roost has gone down hill and management needs to "rein in the stirrups" and monitor the park area and tent area much closer of the undesirable tenants and visitors to the park across the street.
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