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Louisiana 105642
13 Nov to 28 Nov 2014
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We never saw Kenny but Cynthia in the office is very friendly and helpful. They no longer have the weekly rate, it's $20 a day, period. The library on base (we walked there every day that it was open) is wonderful, small, but they said they will be enlarging it soon. Each person with ID card is allowed 5 books and 2 DVDS and there are also books on tape. They have a nice selection of DVDs. There is also a redbox at the smaller NEX (near the bowling center). As stated, no retirees allowed at mess hall BUT they make exceptions for certain holidays so we ate there on Thanksgiving but the food was pretty bad. NEX and commissary is nice. There is also a Walmart not TOO far away and they do have diesel there. Nice info packet given at check-in but just a word of warning--DON'T go to Zydecko's (menu is in info packet) We did and it was TERRIBLE. The campground is very nice. Not even half full while we were there. There are two pull-thrus and we were lucky enough to get one. Be forewarned if you "carry", gate guard asks EVERY TIME you enter whether you have any weapons.
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