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Massachusetts 80553
June 29-July 2, 2014
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This camp was very nice. As said in previous reviews...the wifi is not an amenity. We could not log on, even when we went to the office and sat in a chair next to the router. When we commented, the host would pull out his computer and connect...then say, "See, it's working.". We had to go to the base (bowling alley) and log on there. Additionally, they have a 30-day stay policy. I feel that's too long to allow "long-termer's" to use the space, especially during peak summer vacation times. They don't take reservations. They have a waiting list. You check in to a whatever space they have for you, then, if you're staying long enough, when one of the full hookup, pull through's comes open, you can move. It's a good offer, but not practical if you're only staying a few days. Overall, the staff was super helpful in directions and suggestions. Some of the full-timers were also helpful in suggesting activities. Plane noise wasn't an issue, we were gone most of the day and there was no noise at night.
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