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New Mexico 140623
26-28 September 2008
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Will never come here again! We arrived on Friday afternoon after confirming with the office that the CG was full and we would be using the overflow area with no hookups. Although we have used overflow areas at other Famcamps, this one was nothing more than a dirt field with old power poles on the ground to mark the "spots." More importantly, we were never advised where the water or dump station was located, or that the overflow area was covered with "Goathead Stickers" to the extent that after driving onto the field, the tread on our tires (both our motor home and towed vehicle) were literally "white" with stickers. Unaware of this problem, we exited our MH to find our shoes were covered from heel to toe. Fortunately no damage appears to have been done to the MH tires, but we had to purchase a complete set of tires for the "towed" as the Goatheads punctured the sidewalls ($588). Additionally, the field contained numerous rodent holes capable of swallowing a small dog or small child or causing injury if someone stepped into one. There was "rebar" sticking out of the power poles that could be a serious safety issue for children. The overflow area should be closed, inspected by the base safety office, and not reopened until these issues are corrected. We agree with other visitor's comments regarding the host/hostess. They do not offer helpful information, you must drag it out of them. Please note that the Gibson and Eubank gates are closed at night, and there are no signs directing you to a gate that is open!
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