Featured Facility - Camp Roberts, CA

Located about 10 miles North of Paso Robles, California, directly on Highway US-101 is the old WW II era Camp Roberts. This once large and busy installation is still in operation (on a much smaller scale) by the California Army National Guard. The good news for RV'ers is the small RV park there. Tents are allowed, but would probably prefer a more scenic location.


The RV Park
Typical FHU RV Site

We stopped for a couple nights while heading north, and again a few months later while heading south. This camp isn't a destination, but it is an inexpensive place to stop for a few nights. Don't expect any facilities on the base. There's no gas, an extremely small exchange (was never open during our visits), no commissary, and not much recreation. The campground is very run-down and neglected. The 12 RV sites are located in a remote part of the base (I thought the whole base was deserted) in an overgrown weed/dirt field. While all of the RV sites will have electric (I think they all work), only about half have sewer connections and another half have their own water spigot. Some sites do have all three - W/E/S. For those sites without water, a garden hose is laid out for you to connect to the adjoining site. I wouldn't trust the garden hose water, as the hose sits in the sun and is collecting mold and bacteria in it.

Besides the terrible parking conditions and hook-ups, the electric lines are ran overhead. While the RV's seem to fit underneath, I felt for sure I was going to snag one of the overhead electric lines. Although the RV sites are located in the dirt field, there is a paved road around the camp. There's no parking pads, no patios, no tables, and no BBQ. It appeared some of the campers had been there for a few years. But the stay limit is stated at 179 days per year.

Finding the RV Park the first time was a little challenge. We ended up miles away in the back section of the base used for tank training. Of course, we've updated the driving directions here so there shouldn't be any problems in the future. The Billeting office handles the reservations and check-in of the campground. The ladies in the billeting office were extremely friendly. I'm sure they feel very ashamed of the poor quality of their camping facilities, but this entire base appears ready to fall down. There is a cyber cafe next door to the billeting office. In addition, the office does have a small lounge with TV and kitchen. Reservations are accepted 30 days in advance with a credit card. Surprisingly, the campground does get full at times.

The Billeting Office The RV Park
The Billeting / Check-in Office The RV Park


The best thing going for this campground is the price. $10 for a (possible) FHU site is a good deal for this part of California. You'll pay the $10/night even if your site doesn't have a sewer or water connection. As long as you don't care about the view and your surroundings, this is a nice, secure location to stop for the night. Despite all of my negative comments, we'll stop here anytime we're passing through and need a place to spend the night or two. The location along US-101 is good for local site-seeing.