2 Additional Military Campgrounds ADDED!

Those website users who have been with us for awhile know I'm always on the lookout for "secret" Military Campgrounds and RV Parks. I mean "secret", in that they are not advertised or well known - hence, they are kept secret. If you know of any potential military campgrounds or RV Parks that I don't have listed on this website, PLEASE let me know! Any little information will help us track them down. And this is what has recently happened. I was told about a couple possible "secret" military campgrounds. Upon further investigation, I'm VERY PLEASED to add these two military campgrounds to the website:

  1. Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center RV Park. Formerly, this was the Phelps Collins Air National Guard Base located in Alpena, Michigan. There's 26 camp sites located here, with 18 of them having water and electric. I'm still missing some details. Please send any additional information you have to me.
    =====> You can find the campground listing here.
  2. Krueger Recreation Area is a new area at McConnell AFB, Kansas. It seems the base golf course was closed and turned into a recreation area. This campground is in addition to the existing FamCamp, which is located down the street. At the recreation area, MWR has created a dozen "rustic" camp sites around a couple ponds.
    =====> You can read more about the development of the Krueger Recreation Area in this article.
    =====> You can find the campground listing here.