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September 16, 2016
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As others are saying, this FAMCAMP has immensely improved over the past few years. Nick (volunteer) spearheaded this movement and now, MWR has added a few hosts (Victoria and Larry). Other volunteers are coming out of the woodwork (Vicky and others just passing through). The sites have always been good, but the people are making it even better. Twice in our 3 week stay the hosts offered a picnic/potluck. Kids played in bounce houses and played games. Adults share a meal a wonderful time of fellowship. While the facility to could use better wifi and a playground for the little ones, little else could be done to improve. The few long-term campers volunteer with mowing and are constantly helping others by spotting a back-in or giving directions around the area. They make it feel like a little community. Honestly, it’s a gem and a great value. We have used this as a stay-cation spot 3 years in a row and this has been the best year yet. My one request is to get a playground for the little kids as it is a 5 mile drive to the nearest base playground and FAMCAMP insinuates all families. There were plenty of kids during our stay that would have used such facilities had they been available. 
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