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April 2017
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I see a trend here, lots of positive comments except for 2 people. If you don't like it there go stay at KOA I'm sure they would love to take your money. If your not happy with the host tell him or her don't make rude comments on here like some little kid. Grow up and get a life. Some people you just can't please and I think there's 2 on here. KOA is 15 miles west of their location go stay with them and see how you like their service. 
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May 08, 2017
Wow speaking about being rude.
I agree one of the host is snappy.

Also know of the incident with guy in space 12

He was way way out of line

The place has improved. But no where near a 5

Seems people like you don't want a single negative mentioned

Isn't that a little phony?

Guess you are with the guy in space 12! Don't dare say anything wrong or he will be in your face

The guy he jumped on was one of the biggest helpers there

Sure one or more do give a negative comment about the place

So what? Learn from them. Not everyone is with you

Again the guy in space 12 has done tons. But does not excuse his out of line behavor

What if someone feels the host is sharp, impatient or rude they cannot not mention it?

Who are you to dictate what people can say?
May 08, 2017
You are entitled to your opinion.
Thanks for your input

Now mine. Place does not rate straight 5s

The guy in space 12 needs to apologize for his behavior towards the guy in the Airstream.

You were not tHere. You did not see or hear it

Had it been done to you I am sure you would have the same feelings

The host are not perfect. Word is one of them can be "sharp" even impatient.

Don't like negative comments? Use them to further improve the place

Reviewing the comments I see almost everyone of them saying it has improved.

Too bad you cannot deal, like the guy in space 12, with a single negative comment
May 08, 2017
Lol, I can handle any and all negative comments. I'm sure there's always room for improvements. No I wasn't there when the guy in site 12 and your friend had words. But I'm sure if I spoke with both they both would have different stories to tell. That's between the two of them not me. I can only speak of mine experience on the Fam-camp. As of today we have stayed at at 83 FamCamps from the east to the west and I do believe that it is in our top 10. Host maybe was just having a bad day if he or she was rude. Did you ask them why they were rude? I'm a paying customer and If I'm not happy I let them know about. We had some RV issues that caused us to arrive at the base at 3:00 in the morning we drove around lost I camp the host at 3:40 in the morning and he met us at the gate no issues seemed like he cared about helping us. The next morning he drove me to camping world in Columbus to pick up a part that I needed for the coach. Most FamCamps you can't even find the host. BTW have you talked to guy in 12 and got is story?? If your friend felt threatened he should of called base police. It is a well maintained camp ground and all I was stating if folks aren't happy they have other options than the Fam-Camp. Nothing against you are anyone else out there we all have our opinions. I wish you safe travels . That's what's great about a Motorhome if I end up some where I don't like I can pack up and go. Have a great day!!!!!
3 results - showing 1 - 3