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South Carolina 120614
Spring 2011
(Updated: March 08, 2011)
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We really like this RV park and have stayed at it several times (when we've been able to get a reservation). I read some remarks about "homesteaders" and have to admit that I am interested in hearing how the system works because there do seem to be more than several sites occupied by the same people for extended periods of time. I'm guessing some are active duty military, but aside from them, how do other folks get approved to stay for such long periods? If the RV park is monetarily beneficial to the base, maybe some of the land that has been cleared of old housing could be used to enlarge the RV park (and wouldn't an adjoining dog park be wonderful?). With so many baby boomers retiring, those who are RVers and qualified to use base facilities could really enjoy more space availability at Foster Creek. Its such a nice location and winters are mild. My husband and I hope to winter-over at Foster Creek next year if the policy actually allows that. The policy regarding how long RVers can stay needs to be included in the information about Foster Creek on this website to eliminate speculation about nepatism, favoritism, lack of rules, or rules just not being followed. Also, we have interacted with three current/past campground hosts and have found all of them to be friendly and not the least overbearing.
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