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South Carolina 120376
May 26 2011 - June 1 2011
(Updated: May 29, 2011)
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We stayed at Fosters Creek over the Memorial Day weekend while visiting our son who is in Navy Nuclear Power School at the Naval Weapons station. The campground is very conveniently located for us when visiting him, and access to the base facilities is great. The campground is very well kept and clean. The Shower/Bath facilities are spotless and very nice. The camp host was very nice. A few of the "Residents" however, are another matter. There is a large majority of "Squatters" at this RV park. There are only 24 spots for transients (let's call them "Campers"), the remaining 22 sites are occupied on a semi permanent or permanent basis. Many of the "Transient" sites have obviously been occupied for quite a long time (not hard to spot). This normally wouldn't bother me as we had no problem getting a reservation for a holiday weekend (we made the reservation 3 months in advance), but on Sunday our neighbor (one of the residents that had obviously been here for some time) complained that he had been "Listening to our entire conversation" and we had kept him up. Granted we were up talking late under our awning and might have been a little animated, but we are experienced campers and it was not out of hand. We come camping to enjoy spending time with family and friends, not watch TV in our camper. I apologized to him and that's about all I'll say about it. I will be writing the base Commander and MWR about the policies that allow so many of the sites to be occupied permanently. It decreases the opportunity for the active duty folks and people who aren't retired to use the facility. They are the ones that the facility is actually for.
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