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Texas 150525
Jan 4 - Feb 4, 2010
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Great location, close to Padre Island, Corpus Christi and its attractions. Staff was friendly and the sites were level and power was adequate. We stayed on the beach side of the campground - it appeared you needed to be staying more than 30 days to stay near the marina but that was not a problem. The laundry room was not maintained as 3 dryers, vending machines were out of service the month we stayed and although the hosts said someone was going to fix them, they only put out of service signs on them. A couple of things you may want to know - if you walk on the grass you will get those little stickers on you shoes and they mean business, the wind blows and blows here and if it doesn't blow the mosquitoes will keep you from enjoying the outdoors. The upside is almost everyone we met on and off base were very friendly, found some very good restaurants (especially Andy's kitchen for breakfast) in the area and the ITT office has some really good discounts for the local attractions. Overall rating of three is because of the maintenance and wind! The hosts were friendly but I don't know what they do besides ride around on their golf carts and wave. We stayed here in a motorhome.
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January 25, 2010
I think that its unfair to give a three for the facilities and the value. However, repair of washers/dryers has been a problems for years. I was the host three times and I was always told that "money was not available." As for the hosts riding around and waving, that's a problems that could be addressed to the MWR and perhaps new and better hosts could be hired. BJ and I took the job seriously and while "riding around" we took time to talk to everyone and to listen to their complaints. Some hosts just like the free site and a running party atmosphere.
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