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14 Sept 2010
(Updated: September 16, 2010)
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We were told by the folks at West Ft. Hood Famcamp that the ONLY way to get to BLORA was thru' Ft. Hood. NOT So. it's lots easier if you come from Belton. I'd follow the directions listed here, and not drive 30 minutes across Ft. Hood. The last review said it all. Sites are hit & miss. 1 is paved with W/E/S the next door site is a poorly sloped, gravel mess w/ nothing (or partial). We finally found a "full hook-up" site. Then after setting up, we discovered that the standard white, PVC pipe that RV parks across the country use for the sewer drain-is NOT the sewer pipe here at BLORA. It's a cutoff for the water. So the "full hookup site" I thought I had, really had no sewer. No matter-there is a dump. Just confusing, but it is a pretty place. The marina/lake layout is identical to Ft. Sam's rec area of Canyon lake. If you have a boat & are a fisherman this looks like a great place to HQ for the winter months. For an overnight-not so great.
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