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Texas 149905
Sept 3, 2015
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The worst part about this park is the homesteading. Even though it's against the rules, the same people are here, in the same spots, some of them for the last two years. The best spots are always filled with the same people. No one else can use the sites by the pier because the same people are always there. How about allowing others a chance to use these sites? Homesteading is against military rules! Another problem is one person rides around on her hopped up golf cart, yelling obscenities at others, and attempting to hit kids on their bicycles. When you complain at the main office, no one's gives a hoot. Trash on the beach is disgusting. If the trash cans need emptying, you have to call and complain. Otherwise no one will change it. The facilities are nice except for the golf cart woman who fights with others using the laundry facilities. The grounds are well maintained, but it's hard to enjoy when you're dodging piles of dog feces. Worst camping experience of my life. Will never stay again.
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