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Texas 150637
Dec 2015
(Updated: December 11, 2015)
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We did not stay here do to the previous comments and didn't want to get drive all the way there in the RV to find that it would not be an enjoyable stay.  However, we drove to the RV park in the car and checked it out.  I also went into the office and had a nice talk with the Manager, Dave.  We didn't go into the bathrooms, but the rest of the park was mowed and clean, can't comment on dog poo. But, having 4 dogs and picking up after each one, I don't like seeing others ignore their duties.  Most sites are double concrete pads and there were a few empty sites.  There does appear to be some homesteading going on, especially in the older Mobile Home park, but most sites looked clean, a few sites were cluttered, but I have seen worse.  The overall appearance looks real good, a lot better than some of the others I have been in.  I really am sorry we didn't come here in the first place.  I believe the previous comments are from a few sour apples and should not be given a whole lot of credit.  The pier is unusable.  Dave was very straight forward with me and seems to care about the park. His staff answered my initial questions with no problems.  I am under the impression that some if not all of the previous problems were taken care of.  I will definitely stay here on our next trip through this area.  It is right on the water and would be well worth the visit.  I also just noticed that the previous 3 reviews were there first time posts. Hmmmm!!! I should have noticed that before now.
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January 18, 2016
Glad I read your comments before making plans to visit Shields Park again. My wife and I (and our dog) were there in September 2015. Seems that absolutely nothing has changed as far as the homesteading, pier repairs. Those sites near the pier entrance have been occupied by the same people for years and if complaints are presented, you will be told: We are in the process of making them move so others will have a chance of camping there"....BUT....the "process" NEVER takes place and each year we have returned, the same people are in those same sites. The ONLY people that change are the people working in the office.
Even taking complaints up the chain does not work.
Public Works are the people in charge of getting the pier back into proper condition BUT, talking to them you will be told that right now there are no funds to fix the pier (seems to be no lack of funds to keep that golfing area in good shape....).
Good luck on your next out for the dog poo....especially if you walk the campground after dark.
1 results - showing 1 - 1