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Texas 147143
July 6, 2016
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We use a GPS but always rely on this website's directions for our final approach... we've found them a huge help. In this case, while the existing directions are good, I believe a bit of clarification is needed. There is a "flyover" off of 358 direct to the base, but also a "backup" exit if it's missed - Walton Drive. And our GPS missed the fact that the exit existed. So I'd re-write them as follows: From I-37 take exit 4-A south onto TX-358 east. While on 358 you will see signs for the NAS-CCAD Base. Stay on TX-358 / South Padre Island Drive and watch for the exit for NAS-CCAD , which is just prior to the causeway crossing over to Padre Island. That exit is a flyover across the highway that puts you directly onto NAS Drive and straight on to the Main Gate. In the event you do miss that exit, in 1/4 mile you can take the Walton Drive exit, turn left at the end of it and follow that road a short way until it merges onto NAS Drive and on to the Main Gate. When entering the NAS through the Main Gate, NAS Drive becomes Lexington Blvd. Continue straight on Lexington. At the 2nd stop sign, which is at the ocean, turn right onto Ocean Drive. Follow it almost to the end and you will see a sign for a right turn to take you to the Marina where you check in with Outdoor Rec. As for the campground itself... it's a fine, clean, well maintained campground. We'd definitely stay here again. The negative reviews baffle me - we experienced none of the issues we read in these reviews. There are actually two RV areas here, in close proximity. We were routed to Area B on check in. Area A seems to be used more for longer term stays, personnel on TDY etc. Some additional items there on the sites, but nothing whatsoever out of line, ugly, or disturbing. Area B was great. All sites are Back In, with level concrete pads, with room for longer MH's or Trailers and space to park your vehicle on the pad beside your rig. And LOTS of well kept green space between you and your neighbors. Others have covered things so I'll only say we found the staff pleasant and helpful, the bathrooms clean, the free laundry wonderful, and the free Wifi solid without issues. You will need pet vaccination documentation. The water area is very nice and they are currently re-creating the natural environment on the waterfront. Negatives - we didn't feel they really were, you adapt - were no shade trees and constant, sometime STRONG winds. You are right on the water, you expect that. On occasion noted dog walkers not picking up after their pets. Have you ever been in a campground where there was not at least one jerk? We haven't. But we did not encounter a lot of droppings. As indicated, we'd certainly stay here again.
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