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Virginia 54252
7-8 August 2014
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We have family at Fort Belvoir and decided to stay here rather than Andrews on our way through after vacationing the summer with our granddaughter. I didn't expect a problem getting a spot as we were here last year and there were only a handful of campers...SURPRISE...we got the last site for two nights and then had to move for the third night (and those sites were to "premium" water front - although they aren't premium - no views). I don't know the exact percentage, but there are a number of permanent party (active duty) full-time campers with obvious signs of permanent occupancy (storage, large outdoor grills, etc). If you know you are coming to the area you had best plan 90 days out in order to get a reservation...we were told by one of the full-time campers that they don't have to vacate after 90 days as long as they "renew". I told the outdoor rec personnel that the park was starting to look like a trailer park rather than a travel camp with all the clutter around the sites and was told that they couldn't do anything about it due to "upper management".
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