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California 161515
July 2011
(Updated: August 02, 2011)
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Location & Golf; outstanding. RV park is located in middle of golf course; be prepared for occasional golf ball hitting around or on your RV or vehicle. This was our fifth visit and the park is slowly going down hill; with the exception of a upgrading of restrooms nothing has been to this campground in last five years. Landscaping maintenance does not happen; many sites and public area's are over grown with weeds and have not received any care at all. Roads are a mix of dirt, rock and blacktop with pot holes; every year we hear about up coming improvements but they never happen. WiFi was added but does not work; hoist and management are aware but say nothing can be done to correct it.Some site are not level and require major blocking (both side to side and fore to aft leveling). There are zero play area's or activities for children or teens. I would really like to give this park 4 or 5 stars because of location and staff assistance but MWR is just letting it go to pot. Current price $30 per night with rumors of increase to $35; this is great price for the area but way over priced for a military campground in this condition.
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