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California 161515
May 2014
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This campground is popular because of its prime location but that is about the only thing to justify the $30 a day rental fee which is top dollar among military campgrounds. Many of the sites do not have 50 amp electric and many are too small for today’s large RVs. The sites at one time were asphalt but that has long since worn away. Now it is dirt and gravel. A new layer of gravel is needed. The campground road is one-way and narrow and the narrow width makes it difficult to back into many spaces. Since the golf course was rebuilt in 2009, the overflow area was converted to part of the new course – there is no overflow now. Several reviewers seemed to like the campground because of the beauty of the surrounding golf course. Most of the immediate area around the campground is an industrial area. One side of the campground has an ugly green fence about 8’ tall which hides the adjacent golf course (or maybe it hides the campground from the golfers.) The grass receives little attention and is brown with a lot of bare spots. Contrast that with the nearby golf course. I tried many times to connect to the free Wi-Fi during my 5-day stay and was never successful. I am using my air card. Right now, 32 of the 38 available sites are occupied. This weekend, the campground is full. The first time I was here, in 2004, it was also full but I was able to stay in overflow. With the high occupancy rate and fees, I would estimate that the annual revenues are more than $250,000. Where is that money going? O.K., end of rant. The bath house and laundry were refurbished about 5 years ago and are in good shape. This is the only improvement I can identify in the last 10 years. The Commissary and Exchange are at Fort Ord, an easy 6 mile drive north along Highway 1. Lots of things to see and do around Monterey which is a pretty town on beautiful Monterey Bay. We will visit the aquarium, one of the best I have seen. I enjoy walking along the waterfront near Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row and watching the seals on the rocks. We will also spend a day touring the Pacific Coast Highway and Big Sur. The airport noise here is surprisingly low considering that we are right at the end of the main runway of Monterey Regional Airport. The concerts at the fairgrounds this Memorial Day weekend are much louder than the airplanes. At check-in, I was given a Customer Satisfaction Survey and asked to fill it out during my stay. I asked her if she knew of the Military Campgrounds website and she answered, “No.” I feel that everyone managing or working in a military campground should be familiar with their particular section of this website, especially the reviews.
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