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California 161515
Jan - May 2014
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As a student at NPS, we (family) are lucky to have the opportunity to stay here. It is great for me to get to school and a secure location for the family. Overall, for travelers, this is an awesome location. Those that have been to Monterey know that it is easily accessible to just about everything one would want to do in the immediate area. The campground itself is nearly forgotten. It is not up kept like others we have visited (nor even like the golf course it resides on). If you have a long rig and get a spot on the left side of the road, get ready to do some leveling. There are a lot of blocks around the trash areas, I imagine for that reason. The bath house is cleaned multiple times a day and the washer and driers are good to go (4 each). No playground for the kids, but there are usually enough kids around that there is enough for them to do. Internet....a bone of contention with visitors. It has been inop for about two months now, but they are working to get it fixed. The internet is beamed up to the park from the club house (via Ubiquity gear). Something crapped out and they had to hunt for someone that knows the system. Overall, a decent place. The price is high compared to other military campgrounds (think Nellis), but cheap compared to surrounding areas...
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