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California 161515
October 17-21, 2014
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Yes, location is great. Lots to do and enjoy in the area and that is why we were visiting. After reading previous reviews, I was apprehensive about what we'd find at the park and, well, it really is that disappointing. We camped in a 40' fifth-wheel. Check-in was smooth and then it all seem to go downhill. Very tight getting through the one-way road because of cars parked along the way. We had a horrible time backing into our site; narrow road and very narrow site. Once in, it was all sandy dirt. No exaggeration, I was filthy after having to crawl around the embankments that surrounded our slides to hookup. (I should've taken pics.) And then we discovered it was only 30amp. Thank goodness it wasn't summer so we didn't need AC. (We made reservations through DoDLodging, so you never know...) Had to park our truck in the parking lot at the clubhouse because it wouldn't fit at our site and no where to park nearby. Not a big park and quite a few permanent campers, but sites were pretty much free of clutter. The thing that shocked me the most was that the first two groups of people we met were just plain rude/unfriendly. Couldn't believe we were at a military campground. Wifi didn't work. Thank goodness most of the time we were gone enjoying Monterey and Big Sur. When we did watch TV we had to pause the show when planes took off, but it wasn't too often and considering how many air stations we've been to, it just doesn't bother me. Laundry machines were good and decent cost. Oh, one last thing. The camp host was out quite a bit and busy. She really kept up with things.
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