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Georgia 146940
19 Feb-22 Feb 2009
(Updated: June 05, 2013)
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I agree with all the positive comments from the previous reviews. I agree it is a bit far from Moody, but Wal-mart and Sams club about 10 miles away...Ok country miles. FAM Camp needs to put some money into this area. They are spending tens of thousands on FEMA trailers (single wides) for rentals. The campground needs to improve an the roads in the camp ground area. We stayed at the pavilion area over looking the lake ..Beautiful views. Great fishing too.!! The host was superb, met us and helped us to the temp, site. TV reception is good, providing you have a HD/Digital tv antenna..good sat. signal from our area, clear shot at the southern ski, but not all sites and temp area are like that. Wi/fi connected great..Strong signal and no problems. Over-all great place. I would come back.. Moody needs to look at this treasure chest that they have here and just put some new money into the CG and it would go to five star fast. Just a bit more money!!! Something for practical hook up and some road improvements around the sites would do wonders.
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