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Idaho 66892
Oct 3 -12 2011
(Updated: October 12, 2011)
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The jersey barriers have been removed from the entrance road; speed bumps, easily navigated by a big rig, have been installed, so there is no need to use the commercial gate. On arrival, proceed through the main gate to Ellsworth Avenue, just short of the flagpole, and turn left. The billeting office is located just down the street on the right, you must get a key to open the power box. If arriving after hours, ask the gate guard for a key. Leaving billeting, turn right on Ingalls Street and look for the blue signs with arrows to the left, it is the second street. Follow the street around to the RV sites. This is a gem of a military park. Concrete pads, rock landscaping, ample sites, some shade, and good hookups make this a bargain. It's on an airport, so be prepared for aircraft noise, although it becomes quiet late at night. The folks in billeting were very friendly and helpful in describing things to see in the area. Reservations are a good idea since guard/reserve personnel use the park during their training periods, and if arriving after hours it is the only way to ensure you can get a key for the power box.
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