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Massachusetts 122074
May 2010
(Updated: February 18, 2011)
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An excellent physical location that is not being utilized to it's full potential. We stayed at an RV site for (7) days. If there are sites available when you arrive if you have made a reservation, go to the sites and visually check them out and pick one out that suits your rig. Although the MWR rep is a nice person, do not rely on her to make your site location decision for you. We were there in May and it was so windy I pulled in my slide as I was concerned about the toppers. No facilities(PX/NEX/Commissary) as the parent command is 1 1/2 hours away. Grass needed cut, concrete repaired and the showers/bathrooms are unheated and dirty. That being said, the location is nice and the price is very good. The facility manager (RV/Cottages/Picnic area) didn't share my security concerns in that this is a remote site where you open and close the gate as you come and go and the sign says close the gate after you enter/exit. The construction personnel working on the cottages were always leaving the gate open. The "manager" said he has told the command about the lack of security and they haven't done anything about it.. It appears locals come and go to walk on the beach etc. I ran non-military in POVs off the base by telling them that as far as I am concerned, they are trespassing and/or terrorists and I am calling military police immediately. I will be discussing this with the base commander via letter shortly. Again this RV area has excellent potential if some MWR dollars were spent to upgrade the RV sites and bathroom/showers as military RV camps are very limited in New England. This could be a big money maker for Hanscom AFB if they got their act together.
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