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Massachusetts 87675
31 Jul-5 Aug 2014
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Located off base across the airstrip from the entry to the base. CG has sites with just power and water $21 and P/W/S for $24. When we arrived all full hookup were taken so we were directed to the partial hookup sites. The partial hookup sites are located among the trees with dirt/grass pads, lots of shade and plenty of room. I'm glad a full hookup site was not available as they are closer to the airstrip, have nothing to block the noise and have no shade. It was fairly obvious that some folks spend the entire summer here and take up the full hookup sites for months at a time. The large bath house in the middle of the CG is well used and kept fairly clean but with the sand being tracked in the floors stay sandy. The bathroom next to the office is less used and stays much cleaner. This CG should take reservations especially during the summer months so that people with limited vacation time can use the facilities and explore Boston. WIFI was OK outside at our picnic table for about 3 hours the first day then nonexistent from that point on. I did read in the CG newsletter that MWR was spending money to work on improving the WIFI and that was going to happen in August sometime. It's about a 20 min drive to the Alewife subway station for the subway into Boston. Parking there about $7 all day, weekends are no problem at any time of day but during the workweek you need to get back and get out of the parking garage before 3:30 or it will take an hour or so just to get out of the garage (learned from experience). Nice Credit Union, Commissary and PX nearby. Not a lot of airfield noise but you know it's there. I would stay here again and would recommend it to anyone wanting to vacation in the Boston area.
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