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Michigan 63375
July 4, 2012
(Updated: July 15, 2012)
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We stayed there only one night. We arrived about 4pm. The campground host was not on duty but a note on the door indicated our space. It was a hot day/evening and there was no tree cover at our RV space. The space itself was sandy loam, not a paved space and very gritty. The bath house was dirty and the showers were very small and the floors very wet making it difficult to shower, dry off and change. We did not take advantage of any other amenities. This is run by the Camp Grayling Officer's Club and it was interesting to note that several of the RV spaces were occupied by the same people for dozens of years and have been made their own. One resident showed us "his" space that he has occupied each summer for the last 37 years. It was like a permanent homestead. The price was right, however, at $17 a night. I would only return if I needed a safe harbor for the night and I would not use their bath house.
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September 13, 2015
I'd call this a pretty accurate assessment. We stay there because the location is convenient. It wouldn't take a lot of effort to make a big improvement to this place.
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