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Mississippi 95877
Oct 8, 2016 to Oct 31, 2016
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Regarding a previous review, pet animals (dogs/cats) are allowed in the concrete block rest room building during severe weather but they must be leashed & under control. Diana, the RV manager was very polite and helpful when we checked in. Edward was helpful during the next week when Diana was out of the office. The new RV park at the west end of the base is now open and is very nice. During our time here there were maybe 4 RVs at the new site. The new park does not have WIFI. We spoke with the base commander (a Captain Hansen) at the commissary and she told us that due to budget constraints there is no WIFI at this time. But, if we were to stay here again (and we would) we opt for the new sites (quiet). The front RV park (just inside the gate) is somewhat noisy (trains, ambulances, fire trucks, police sirens and regular traffic). The fitness center is well stocked with various equipment and the outside lap pool was open. The base has a small club just inside the gate called Anchors and Eagles (in the Navy Gateway) but it's only open Tues, WED and Thurs. On the weekends we rode our bikes around the perimeter of base (2x around is about 12 miles). We were not concerned about activities at the RV park because we usually do our own touring while staying on military bases. We recommended a visit to the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi.
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