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31 July 2018
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This is the WORST military fam camp experience we have EVER had. And we’ve visited dozens of fan-camps all over this country. Fam-camp conditions were unacceptable and so bad, we left at first light and forfeited payment for a 2nd night. 1) Inprocessung was non existent. No directions, no sign or explanation where ofc is located or where to check in. We drove around for 30 min asking ppl how to check in. 2) No welcome packet; No base map, no facility locations, not even trash locations etc. Campground map was useless as our designated site wasn’t even on the map. 3) Ofc made a mistake and overbooked. We were relegated to overflow camping, which is an inexcusable dump. 4) Site water faucet did not work and ofc had closed. We had to pack back up, drive around and find another open site where the water faucet did work. 5) We were told we had a 50 amp. It was only 30. A major difference. With temp of 100 degrees, we could not use AC properly. Fallon NAS should be embarrassed to offer such inexcusable conditions for a military fam-camp. We will NEVER use Fallon again, and will NOT recommend it. As a retired 34 yr veteran, I feel sorry for the active duty who may be stuck using this campground. 
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August 16, 2018
The above review is way off base. Lots of whining and no useful information. We checked in 12 August 2018 and are extremely pleased with the facility and staff. Granted the directions for getting aboard NAS Fallon with an RV leave a lot to be desired, but a quick call to the NGIS Front Desk took care of that.

I submitted the following update to the directions for entering the Air Station:

RV's MUST enter from the South Gate. From US-95 (North or South) turn east on NV-119 (Berney Rd). This will take you directly to the South Gate. This gate is only open certain hours. If closed, you will need to call Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS), (775) 909-4902 for access. Once through the South Gate, take an immediate left, cross the canal bridge, then take the next available left onto Carson Road, proceed on Carson Road to the roundabout. Take the third exit off the roundabout onto Churchill. Proceed on Churchill to Lahontan Road, turn right onto Lahontan Road. This will take you to Bldg 354 (NGIS) for check-in (open 24/7).

February 07, 2019
Called to make a reservation for April 2019. No spots available. Base housing is being renovated. Active Duty from base housing has taken up ALL rv spaces, rather than move into town. Gateway does not know WHEN a spot will be available. This is no longer a Recreational Vehicle (RV) park. It has become an extension of Base Housing. Retirees need not apply!
2 results - showing 1 - 2