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Oct 18-25, 2013
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Spent a full week here. The park is much improved from a year ago when we spent about ten days at it, but still has more to come. No cable or internet, but that's coming soon. Very spread out, so you don't have to worry about neighbors noises, dogs, kids, whatever. They've planted trees throughout the CG, but they've a ways to go to be useful. PX and Commissary are large and there's a Walmart just off base. There's no diesel on post and you've got to go to Watertown to get the best price for that. We were in spot #16, where there was a new, level concrete pad, but the sewer hookup must have been put in afterwards as I needed two hoses and a 'slinky ramp' to reach it. Could have pulled our 5er forward and maybe made it with one, but then the landing gear would have been off the pad. Minor inconvenience, but it could have been avoided with a little planning. Never saw anyone in the new office building (with new laundry and showers), but did notice things being finished up. They've a propane ($15 exchange) cage and firewood box, and a lot of brochures, etc. in the new office that no one was ever in. Did catch the host on Sunday morning (think I woke him up!). Maybe next year they'll have someone at the office? Don't know as it's a good deal today at $28 a night, but it's reasonable for $140 a week. If MWR can get everything finished up it could be one of the better CGs for sure.
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