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16-20 Jul 2014
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Spaces were very large and clean. As stated in previous review, there is an office there but it isn't manned. I called and confirmed my reservation the day before we arrived so we had no problems going straight to our site. There was a camp host that greeted us when we arrived and told us that if we have any questions to ask him. He was located in the first site as you drive in. Although I didn't use them, I checked out the shower area and it appeared clean and modern. The laundry facility had a coin changer but there was a sign that it was out of order. Maybe it had just been installed. In regards to wifi, we found out that you could rent a hotspot from the Recreation Area just down the road. It was a bit pricey but we needed to catch up on e-mails and do some internet work. It is just easier to do it from the motorhome instead of going to the library. It was $15 dollars per day or $25 a week. It was cheaper for us to rent for the week. It worked great. Note: It is a very large post. You may want to ask for a base map at the front gate when you arrive. It was a couple of days before we could get one and that came when I talked to the chief of MWR when he was riding through the campground. In regards to noise, we had no complaints. We heard reveille in the morning, retreat in the evening and taps at night. Personally, the "sounds of freedom" such as helicopter noise (although there wasn't any), aircraft noise, etc. just doesn't bother me. It is a military post after all. The only negative I have about our stay is that there were some MWR employees (not the chief) that we dealt with that (in my opinion) were not very professional or customer oriented. Overall, it was a pleasant enough stay and I would stay there again if in the area.
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