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July 16
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Overall, a nice park in a quiet location on base. It is overpriced at the daily rate, both compared to other famcamps and for the local area, but the weekly rate is not bad if you can stay that long. The sites are very large, with the only negative being there are no trees, so not much privacy. The whole camp is impeccably maintained, and the famcamp staff was outstanding. The outdoor rec staff was friendly and tried to be helpful, but they were not as knowledgeable as the famcamp staff. It was a little inconvenient to have to deal with the two offices, rather than just the famcamp staff. There are fantastic trails over in the Remington park area. No wifi, except for sale (again, daily rate is exorbitant, but weekly rate not bad), but Verizon works good. Signage into the famcamp is a little confusing (says "RV attendant only, no thru way). Also, Pech River Road did not come up on my GPS, it said "Remington Pond Road." There is a tiny sign saying Pech River Road, but you can't see it till you're on top of it. Very nice park, but I probably wouldn't stay here again because of the rates.
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