We stayed at Robins AFB FamCamp in February, 2010. Our original plans were only for a one nigth stay, but we enjoyed this small quiet campground and decided to Sount Lakeextend for another night. We would have stayed a week, but were pressed on time to return tot he West coast.

There were no problems finding the base or FamCamp. We did have to get out of our motor home for security to inspect it. I really don't like leaving them alone inside, but I didn't have a choice. Not that I have anything to hide - it's a trust issue. It ended up being funny, as the female security called here partner over to look. She was impressed on how nice our "home on wheels" was. After getting through the commercial truck gate, there were a few turns as we had to drive through the main part fo the base to get to the FamCamp.

Once at the FamCamp, we were lucky to find an empty site available. There's only 18 sites and it was winter (snowbirds). We have a 40' motor home and making some of the turns in the famcamp could be a challenge. For that reason. I wouldn't classify this campground as "big rig friendly". We were also lucky enough to get a RV site where we could get a satellite signal. There are plenty of trees to prevent a good signal.

The restrooms and showers were clean. There's also a small indoor community room at the office that is very comfortable and an outdoor community hall that's used in the summer. There's currently no wifi or cable TV in the park, although both are planned for the future. WiFi is available at the base library or at the musum aviation cafe. Check-in is at the famcamp and the lady was extremly nice. The campground is across the street from Scout Lake. Overall, it's a very quiet corner of the base in a serene location.

The Campground Office The RV Park The RV Park
The Campground Office The RV Park The RV Park
The Outdoors Community Hall The Indoor Community Room The RV Park
Outdoors Community Hall Indoor Community Room The RV Park

About 50% of the RV sites can be reserved up to 90 days in advance. The other 50% are available on a first-come basis. There is a 6 month stay limit, then out for at least 14 days. But then you're allowed to stay for another 6 months. I'm sure this policy keeps the campground around 75% full with long term guests.

The Robins AFB Aviation Museum is a must see. It's free and full of complete displays. We got tired of looking around a couple of the buildings and plan to return to the other 3 or four bulidings on another trip.

If in the area again, I wouldn't hesitate to stay at Robins AFB FamCamp.