TWO additional listings have recently been added to the website! 

  1. Valdez Military Recreation Site is operated by Eielson AFB, Alaska. These 8 rental trailers are located at a commercial RV Park in Valdez, AK, a scenic and popular fishing destination. Situated on the Prince William Sound, these trailers are ONLY available to authorized military personnel. Eieslon AFB Outdoor Recreation also has a small office located here. Outdoor Recreation also has fishing boats for rent at this location. There's no military operated campground or RV Park at this location.
  2. Windy Nook is a military campground we've been hunting for information on for the past few months. A couple website members were instrumental in "declassifying" this location. I refer to these hidden military campgrounds as "secret" campgrounds. Windy Nook is a small, quiet, and scenic campground located on Indian Island in Washington state.