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South Carolina 127862
Nov. 12, 2007
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Foster Creek is a "Work In Progress". It is located off base, inside the off base housing area where there used to be a mobile home park. It is close to gas, commissary, exchange, and other ammenities such as bowling alley, hobby shop, outdoor rec, minimart, etc. Since it's being listed last year on this web site, the attendance has gone from 4 RV's last year to Full this year. Of the 46 spaces right now, one is set aside as un-usable, there is no pad, just soft dirt, they hope to have it repaird in the near future. Also there are 12 more sites that are being developed from a storage area, also completion due in hopefully near future. They are trying to accomodate anyone who arrives, but there is no area for dry camping, they just park you where they can. The camp host "Carl" is bending over backwards to do what he can. Reservations are now being taken for 10 of the available spots, however 2 of these spaces are secured by active duty so there are really onle 8 spots. The CG was very clean and they have a new bath/laundry building and a new wifi building. They have plans for a clubhouse, but these are only a vision at this time. We moved to another CG in the area as we were unsure as to when we would get into hookups, however with their ambitions, this place will continue to blossom. It appears that management is happy with the operation and is doing everything to support its growth. Look for more good things to come from this place.
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