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Texas 188976
Jun 09
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Stayed here recently on a whim. The hill country area is very beautiful and Uncle Sam picked a very nice location on the lake for Ft Sam and Randolph just across the road. The cottages (trailers really) were immaculate and, for the most part, comfortable. They are relatively new and well equipped. The folks who worked there (except for one grumpy old coot) were warm and friendly. We stayed in the trailers (cottages) and here are some things I wish I knew beforehand: - The beds are horribly stiff. Bring your own mattress topper unless you prefer sleeping on floor-like stiffness. Also bring your own pillows (we did). - The park is locked up at 10 PM every night. So if you return to the park after this time you have to park your vehicle outside and walk to your cottage. It's not far, but some other parks have a key pad operated gate which allows entry after the staff have gone home. Kind of inconvenient if you were in town and had a load to carry. - This is just a heads up - there is a 2 page check-in checklist in which you have to count the spoons, pans, collanders, etc (along with a price for each item) and return to the office within 1 hour of check-in (or else). There is also a 2 - 3 page check-out checklist to run to include scrubbing the toilets and floors and leaving the mop and sheets (specifically tucked inside the pillowcases) near the front door (or else). Lots of bold print items enumerating that if this/that/the other thing isn't done, they can charge a penalty on your credit card. Just be ready for a moving out of base housing, white glove inspection experience. Other than that, we'd do it again and probably will.
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