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Texas 155717
April 2011
(Updated: April 30, 2011)
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Shields RV park could be jewel; however it isn’t. While the sites are large and the concrete pads are level, the rest of the park is subpar. The office staff, really do not know what they are doing, some of them try very hard; however, management has no clue about running an RV Park. There is no website, there is no monthly calendar (any event notice is done via the night host being asked to distribute a flyer the day before or day of the event - NOT GOOD), The manager and staff do not know how to schedule spaces, it is EXTREMELY common for patrons to be move from site to site, reason giving - the computer says we need to move them for an incoming patron. In one case Patron A moved into Patron B’s site, Patron B moved into Patron C’s site and Patron C moved into Patron A’s site - CRAZY. Retired Military are told the park is full, in reality there are vacant sites. The management does not care about the complaints, they say if the retiree does not come back there will be others. Is this the way to treat retired and disabled patrons - NO. One of the night hosts did not do her job (she is not living in the park full time nor is she a veteran), the other two (veterans and one has a bronze star and both are disabled) did 20 times the work. Sne is moving on and the other who has been a night host at Shields for 2 1/2 years was let go because his services were no longer required, when asked why, people were told there never were any night host during the summer - A LIE. In fact the night host who does a terrible job - still working and the manager wants to put her husband to be a night host - ISN’T THIS NEPOTISM AND A CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Until the base commander and the head of MWR make changes, we will not be back. WE WARNED, there is nothing to do, there isn’t any welcome package, there are no maps, no activities like other military RV parks, they want to make it so CIVILIANS can be given same priority as military and retired military - ISN’T THIS A MILITARY FACILITY.... WHY.......? GO ELSE WHERE.......
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