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Texas 155717
Jan 5 to Mar 1 2011 Approx
(Updated: December 09, 2011)
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This review is a bit late. We have visited this RV campground 6 times . Mostly during the winter, but one summer also. As stated many times by others the winter wind will get to you. We love the beach, and made it a point to walk the dogs down there at least twice a day. The people on the base, and in town can not be beaten. There are also about a dozen more positive points. Due to a couple of factors we have decided to stay in Rockport, Tx this year. First point is the base has priced themselves out of competition with the civilian campgrounds. The price for my 30 amp trailer, would be $18 per day,or $580 per month. The campground in Rockport is $320, incld. WiFi, and cable TV. True I will have to pay electric, but that should not run more that $40 per mo. Next point is the lack of organization, at the base. Our last stay was riddled with changes that affected us, and with little or no notice. The poor people in the office had no idea of what was going on. I believe that the powers to be are more interested in making money than servicing the Active and retired military people that it is their mission to do. It is a shame that I have to write this type of review, but in my opinion this facility has been lowering it standards of service for the few years.
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