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Texas 155717
February 2012
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We had a brand new 5th wheel and we planned on staying only 1 week. We arrived on a Friday and set up. We went to visit some friends in the area on Monday. when we returned to our 5th wheel that afternoon all of a sudden we had brown out the took out our electric fireplace, surround sound system, Blue Ray DVD, micro wave, and central vacuum system. I checked with the neighbors and they hadn't experienced the problem. I caalled the base maintenance people who came out and checked the electric receptacle. I happened to be out riding my bike when they showed up and my wife was watching them. The electrician pulled apart the 50 AMP receptacle and said that it needed replaced because it was corroded. I tried getting the Navy to replace the damaged equipment but they wouldn't do it in part because the electrician claimed the plug was not seated all the way in and that was what caused the problem. I have to add here that a neighbor talked to my wife about it before they got there and he brought over a 30 to 50 AMP converter and tried plugging it in to see if that would make a difference. He may have left thee plug loose so I don't know if the electrician was untruthful. I told him that the problem happened before the neighbor messed with it so it was probably the neighbor who left it loose. He stuck to his story when talking to his supervisor so I had to get my appliances replaced. Since my unit was under warranty the manufactures replaced them. It took a month to get them in. I did purchase a surge protector for my unit. The campground is out in a wide open place that backs up to the bay. We had a lot of strong winds coming off the bay straying our unit with salt water. As soon as they calmed down I completely washed down my unit to prevent corrosion.
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