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Feb 2-5, 2016
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I graduated ‘Boot’, at Lackland Air Force Base, in 1960 and I’ve been staying 2 weeks or more at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX for SEVERAL Years.. They have 29-30, Back in, Full Hook sites, with 12-13 pull thru sites with Water & Electric. They do NOT take Reservations, Only First Come. Until this year, you could get any of the 12-13 pull thru sites with Dump station available, and 4 over-flow sites (no hooks) and you could put your name on a list to take the 1st available Full Hook sites. No More.. To get a Full Hook site, you have to sit in a vehicle and watch for someone to move, then jump in and get it AS THEY are Moving out.  When they added the 12 Water & Electric sites a few years ago, they added the Dump Site at the end. They could have added Dump hooks at all sited very EASY, but they didn’t. Up till this year, I could and have recommended Lackland AFB, But NO MORE. Their hours of operation, 1100 to 1400 WHEN they ‘MIGHT’ be there.  This operation is totally unacceptable. I won’t be returning..  A lot of active duty personal, more or less, homesteading, are taking spots away from others. One in Particular, was there last year when I arrived and there when I left 3 weeks later. James
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February 19, 2016
I agree, i was here the past 4 years when they kicked us out for 1 day after 30 days and there were plenty of full service spots even when we were kicked off. This year i get to stay all winter which is great and i am here for 90 days which i think should be the limit. The park looks like trailer park trash now as permanent party, especially 2 on the corner , put all there stuff out all round their RV and even park across the street. Their kids run around freely all the time.Don't know how many there are but those 2 are for sure. 3/4 of the full service slots have the same people as when i came in, so no telling how long they have been here. Only way to get a full service slot now is to see when somebodies time is up and then watch their slot. They can pay for another 30 days at anytime. I had a discussion with the worker here that used to be here 5 days a week and he told me about the partial hookups. The contract with the builder said full hookups and also fully paved, but he said he ran out o money and quit and left and could not be found. This is what the lowest bid contractors do. Also before all the cuts, they had planned to add 100 more spaces in the open field by the partials and the cuts made that fall through. Upkeep of the golf course and Gym take priority over us. I don't know what the rules at Fort Sam are, but i would make reservations there if not staying all winter like i do. I hope there is space in December, if not i know a place on Potranco Road that is good and near a Wall Mart and HEB off 1604. I stayed there for a month before. Prices are the same as Lackland and plenty of spaces. I wonder if the commander knows these permanent party guys are getting BAH and staying on base here. They are actually cheating the government by taking BAH on base. an NCO BAH is twice what the slots are.
December 24, 2016
The story is about the partial hookups is the contractor quit working on them and left with the money. Nothing was done since then to finish these slots. I was told each year they they would be getting sewer and another 2 rows added in the open field where an entirely new facility with full hookups and a big check in room could be added, but will never see it even though it has been promised. Many other RV parks on bases are getting upgrades and more slots, but not this one and this is the entry base to the Air Force. I was told all the funds are diverted to other places on base from the money made here at the RV park. Fort Sam has 4 times the number of slots with a very large check in facility also, if staying in San Antonio, i recommend them and they take reservations. Only reason i stay on Lackland is because my family is 2 miles away. Half the park is permanent party at this place too even though it is very small. 6 month limit now with 1 day off
2 results - showing 1 - 2