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Texas 163547
21 JAN - 04 FEB 2018
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Very nice facility overall. The RV Park is out away from the rest of the base, but is a convenient drive to everything you need on base. The Park was not full which was a surprise to me. There was plenty of room to maneuver even the biggest vehicles. Pads are concrete and long. There is nice grass (if you call it grass) space in between every pad. Each pad had a picnic table and grill. Each side of the park had a building with laundry room and restroom/showers. The laundry room was very small and not the cleanest, but the machine were newer HE front load machines and worked well. They were $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry. The restroom (mens anway) was three stalls and three shower stalls. The showers stalls were tile. Overall cleanness of the showers was acceptable, but the tile needed a good cleaning. Soap scum has built up over time. The park did have a dog run which was nice and long. They also had propane refill on-site but I never learned how it all worked. The staff was friendly and very helpful. It appeared to me (just a guess) that about 30% of the users were Active Duty, but none of the sites looked bad (with clutter around the RV). Our two week stay was $240 which is a great price in my opinion. I would certainly stay at this facility again!!!
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